September 10th 2017 - 3 new Displays: 
Denzlingen during Nazi time

With the presentation of our 3 new displays (12.1-12.3) „Denzlingen under the rule of the Nazis“ the discovery continues. The display 12.3 is put up in commemoration of one of the victims of the Nazi regime, the prisoner of war Kasimierz Dworak. It is located at his grave behind the protestant church.

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The new displays in and around Denzlingen invite you to hear stunning stories about our history and culture and to learn more about the might forces that have shaped our landscape.

Scanning the QR-Codes opens a world of information, mysteries, animations and videos. Knowledge and fun for the whole family!


• 70 pages full of interesting facts

• 100 minutes videos and animations

• 70 images and graphics

• 5 European languages (German, English, French, Italian, Polish)

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and find stunning information

You will find a QR-Code on each display. Scanning the codes with your smartphone or tablet allows you to find interactive information about the location and specific topics.

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Displays in five languages

Topics and contents presented on and “in” the displays are compiled by renowned scientists living in Denzlingen. Supported by videos, images, texts and interactive elements, complex information becomes easy to access.

All information is available in the languages of our twinned cities.

Meet your companion “Denzilo” – 
Fun for the whole family

Many displays contain quizzes and activities. Edutainment even for the youngest!

Join your little companion Denzilo and start your discovery from a new perspective.

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All you need is an ordinary smartphone with an installed QR-Code reader App. You will find the App in your Play Store or simply click the download button to the right.



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June 22nd 2015 Official opening ceremony

Our new displays “Spuren suchen – Denzlingen entdecken” were presented to the general public by mayor Markus Hollemann. See the video to learn more about the concept and development of the project.


Hochbehälter (Water reservoir)

From Denzilinga
to a „Boom town“!



Will Denzlingen be located next to the sea
in the future?


Mauracher Berg

A million-year-old


Mauracher Berg

Denzlingen between
Elz, Lossele and Glotter


Mauracher Berg

The 'Tuscany
of Germany'


Mauracher Berg

More than just green – Habitat forest


St. Severinkapelle

Ruin of a church
on the Mauracher Berg



The system of village creek in the middle ages



Wine on
the Einbollen


Mauracher Hof

The 'Roman'
Mauracher Hof



Benzenbühl and Thiermondingen


Hauptstraße 233

Murdered in a
concentration camp


Anwesen Hauptstraße 53

Murdered in a
concentration camp



Shot by
a guard


Space for extension...

In our village there are many more stories to tell, more interesting facts to learn about and more fascinating sites to explore.


However, our budget sets the limits, we are looking for further funding. If you want to support the project you are warmly invited to donate a new display and corresponding web content. Your name or organization will be indicated.


Please send an e-mail for further information.


Stylish hardcopies of the key plan are available at:

• Rathaus Denzlingen
• „Heimethüs"
• Medienhaus Denzlingen
• Buchhandlung Losch


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Dieses Projekt wurde gefördert durch den Naturpark Südschwarzwald mit Mitteln des Landes Baden-Württemberg, der Lotterie Glücksspirale und der Europäischen Union (ELER).

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