Kohlerhof – the new town center

The drawings by Otto Raupp from the year 1930 depict the Kohlerhof as it appeared in 1993. Since then, the 'new town center' has been built here, featuring numerous shops, restaurants, and apartments. In 2023, the new square connecting both sides of the street was officially opened.

In spring 2023, the work on the new square design on both sides of Rosenstraße was completed. The goal was to create a square in the heart of the town. Sitting accommodations, a fountain, and shade trees invite people to linger, while shops and restaurants with outdoor dining options aim to bring people together.

In the old Denzlingen, there was no central town center. Denzlingen was a stretched-out village three kilometers along the Glotterbach, earning it the nickname 'Langendenzlingen' a hundred years ago.

In 1990, the municipal council approved the proposal from the city planners Humpert/Rosenstiel from Freiburg for the redesign of Rosenstraße. This marked the beginning of the transition from an agricultural structure to an urban one.

Reorganization concept 1990 (Denzlingen Heft 17,1990)