The Inn "Krone"

As early as the year 1626, before Denzlingen was largely destroyed in the Thirty Years' War, a Hans Jacob Yserflam is documented as the Crown Innkeeper. Therefore, the "Krone" can be considered the oldest inn in the area. For almost 200 years (1745-1933), the establishment was owned by the Reitzel family. In 1939, Josef and Johann Haas from Waldkirch acquired the property, which is now operated as the "Boutique-Hotel Krone" by their granddaughter Petra Haas.

There are indications that the inn "Krone" had existed even before the 17th century. A stone with an inscription, originating from another building of the 15th century, is embedded at the northeastern corner of the house. Although the letters of the inscription are legible, its content remains mysterious: "The people's effort, that is it. May one eye see that."

Another sandstone (from an outbuilding) bears the year 1605:

Until 1986 there was a large scale maintained by the municipality next to the inn. Wagons could drive onto it and be weighed.

The names of the innkeepers changed frequently between 1653 and 1745: Landauer, Nübling, Scherberger, Reitzel, and Rieß were the names of the owners. With Johann Ludwig Reitzel a nearly 200-year tradition began in 1745 during which the Reitzel family operated the "Krone."

The "Krone" under Leopold Reitzel (around 1930)

View of the dining room before the renovation

The "Krone" after the renovation

When Leopold Reitzel died in 1933, the inn passed to his stepson Josef Emil Maier. He leased it in 1936 and eventually sold it in 1938 to Josef and Johanna Haas. They renovated the traditional inn in 1950, removing the plaster to reveal the timber framing.
In 1979, Josef Haas handed over the inn to his son Rudolf Haas. In 1999, his daughter Petra took over the inn, which became her property in 2004. After intermittent leasing and closures, the Boutique-Hotel "Krone" is once again an ornament of the town today.

The tavern sign of the "Krone"