The Inn "Grüner Baum"

The inn "Grüner Baum", converted from a residential house in 1847, was the center of village life in the 20th century. In the only village’s large hall for a long time, Nazi party meetings took place during the Nazi era, followed by dance and carnival events, civic meetings, as well as wedding and family celebrations. The Schemmer family, owners of the traditional inn since 1938, also operated a butcher shop in an adjacent building. Both the inn and the butcher shop were closed in 2007 and have since been demolished.

The"Schildgerechtigkeit," meaning the right and duty to accommodate guests and provide them with food and drinks, was transferred from the "Birke" inn (in the lower village) to the new inn "Zum Grünen Baum” in 1848.
In the same year, Johann Georg Arnold and his wife Anna Maria Catharina Laibach opened the inn, situated directly on the new railway line between Karlsruhe and Freiburg.

Located near the station and opposite to the then-new town hall, school, and St. George's Church, the inn became a central gathering place in the village. In 1927, a cinema was set up in the inn's hall.

Three years later, on July 29, 1930, the "Grüne Baum" fell victim to flames. During the reconstruction, a large banquet hall with a "music stage", a terrace with a pergola, a bowling alley, and a butcher shop were added.

When Franz and Otto Schemmer from Kirchhofen took over the "Grüner Baum" from the Arnold family in 1938 and acquired it on August 20, 1942, the inn had 7 guest rooms with 10 beds. During the Nazi era, numerous party events and community meetings were held in the banquet hall, and after the end of the war, it hosted dance evenings, family celebrations, and society meetings.

The Inn „Grüner Baum“ (after the fire in 1930)

The banquet hall with the "music stage"

The terrace with pergola

Otto Schemmer (4th from the right)

Only with the completion of the Cultural and Community Center did new meeting facilities emerge in the village from 2003 onwards. On March 31, 2007, the Denzlingen "traditional establishment" closed, soon after being demolished and replaced by a residential complex. The inn sign still reminds us of the "old times."