Raiffeisen Square – Quarry – Fruit Market

This is what the square looked like where the Raiffeisenbank building is located today. This was the place where farmers sold or auctioned their fruit and crops. In the background, you can see the building of the 'Caroline' guesthouse; in front of it is the present-day 'Mauracher Straße,' still largely without residential buildings.
On this spacious square at the foot of the old quarry, football games were played in the first half of the 19th century, gymnastic events were celebrated, and in the 1930s, there were also marches held here by the NSDAP.

Due to the extraction of rock on the southern slope of Mauracher Berg, a square was created at the corner of Mauracher Straße/Hindenburgstraße that saw various uses throughout the 20th century. Since 1933, an orchard market took place there, where farmers offered their agricultural products.
The football club FCD, founded in 1928, utilized the space in front of the quarry as a training ground. The Denzlingen Gymnastics Club (founded in 1904) and the later dissolved "Workers' Athletes Association" organized gymnastic events and shows on the square at the quarry.

A photo of a football game in front of the quarry in the 1930s shows how large the field was.

Gymnastics festival on the quarry site

NS event at the quarry (after 1933)

The Nationalsozialisten (“National Socialists”) also used the square for party events and marches.

In the second half of the 20th century, the tradition of quarry festivals continued, including events organized by the music society. However, due to the Raiffeisenmarkt's use of the space with warehouses and an elongated barracks, which eventually housed social housing, the square became too cramped for events. The music society moved its festivals to the Rathausplatz ("Town Hall Square"); other clubs have since used the Festplatz am Heimethues for their events.

The Denzlingen Raiffeisenbank, previously located in a single-story building on Hindenburgstraße, acquired the plot and erected a three-story building, which was inaugurated on October 1, 2018.

The wooden barracks at the quarry site along Mauracher Straße

The new Raiffeisenbank Denzlingen-Sexau building opened in 2018