The Inn "Hirschen"

Until the year 2020, the old inn "(Zum) Hirschen” stood at the corner of Waldkircher Straße and Hauptstraße. Numerous weddings, birthdays, and club meetings once took place in the popular restaurant. The inn, first mentioned in 1751, was located on the opposite side of the "Dorfstraße" (Main Street) near the inn "Ochsen" (today "Belvedere") until 1838. Anna Bassinger, the daughter of Hirschen innkeeper Carl Reitzel, was murdered in a concentration camp on May 8, 1942. Another plaque and a "Stolperstein" (tripping stone) in the sidewalk serve as reminders of her.

The history of the inn "Zum Hirschen" – or simply, in the dative, "Hirschen" – began in 1750/51. The first owners were documented as Andreas Nübling and his wife Anna Scherberger. In the description of the village and jurisdiction of Denzlingen from 1752, the "Hirschen" is listed south of the village stream. At that time, it was in close proximity to the "Ochsen" (today: "Belvedere").
When Johann Georg Nübling, the third innkeeper named Nübling, died in 1838, he left behind his wife, two underage children, and a substantial debt burden. As a result, the property and the right to operate the "Hirschen" had to be auctioned off. Denzlingen master baker Johannes Jundt acquired the right for 2,411 guilders and transferred it to his house at the corner of Waldkirchern Straße/Hauptstraße, where the inn "Hirschen" stood until its closure.

The "Hirschen" remained in the Jundt family's possession for just over three decades.After several changes of ownership, Carl Reitzel acquired the inn in 1894, and it remained in the Reitzel family's ownership until 1952. In 1964, Manfred Seyferle bought the "Hirschen" and passed it on to his son Helmut in 1989. Helmut, along with his wife Maria, brought the inn to a new heyday.

Almost every resident of Denzlingen had been a guest at least once for a family celebration (wedding, confirmation, and birthday), a club meeting or company anniversary at the "Hirschen." The club boards regularly held their meetings in the adjacent room.

The guest room

Helmut and Maria Seyferle

On January 1, 2020, the "Hirschen" was closed. Today, two apartment buildings are located on the large area which includes the former parking spaces.